Tuesday 1 September 2015

Irresponsible Rocking Out

Dear me. I have been linked to on Catholic Answers. Time dig up some old time favourites, beginning with a Goth cover of "Like a Prayer."

That is so awesome.  I think I'll go get some vodka.

Naturally I cannot have a midnight rock-out without Rammstein:

I think we need even more Rammstein.

To be followed by the Killers, naturally.

And the Verve. This one goes out to all seminarians who date. The hero of video reminds me of you!

And then  oczywiście we need some Myslowitz:

Which should be followed up with a little Kazik:

Then we calm down a bit with Canada's own The Tragically Hip:

Then  to get all excited again by Blumchen. There's an L in there, people. Fun Ceremony of Innocence fact: this is the song playing when Dennis first drags Catriona to a club.

When  I was but a tiny child in the 1980s, my great ambition was to run away to the punk clubs of Berlin. This proving impossible, I rushed to the Goth and the techno clubs of Frankfurt in the 00s. Basshunter:


Alice Deejay asks the ultimate Singles' question:

Bonnie Tyler on speed:

And then, because, I should really go to bed, Big Country:

Good night!


  1. Oh, cool! Can you link to the link, so we can find it? :)

  2. The link to Blumchen is attached to the words. I couldn't make the computer gadget call that version up for me.

  3. Saw the link over at CAF. The music was fun to listen to - especially that version of like a prayer: it may have finally wiped some of the original music video from my memory.

  4. There's a lot of sad, sad stories at CAF. I am a bit shocked people tell them on the internet, and I've been blogging for almost nine years.


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