Sunday 13 September 2015

apologeeah for ch 6 of yore sundae cereal

hello it is me the inner child.  did you miss me. i am sure you did lol rofl

anyway i hav come out after my long absens to introdus chapter 6 becos my owter adult is embarrass. she says oh deer this is not so funnie actualli wen you think about it it is horrid. lyf is aktually lyk that in sum places. it is so not wat goergette wud ryte.

yes but this is realizm, i sed. realizm, owter adult, is wat we is all abowt.  and you know the 18 century even the 19th century bit was not grate for wimmin espeshully kitchen maids et alia. anyway if you rite a bodis riper bodises must be riped it has to do wat it sez on the tin. dont be so missish it is all in fun.

hevens, sed seraphic, you sound like sir david.

you sound like a sensor, i replyed. you kno i can not deel with sensorship. in fakt it mayks me run awa.

dont run away, sed seraphic. you know i know you know i need you to get anything kreeaytiv dun. and you can introdooc the chapter it will be a nise treet for our reeders.

so here is the chapter and if it inspires you to hang aristos from the lamp post i kno one who is truley lamp post-worthy altho reelly she is not a troo aristo just the most frightful hem hem and the roodest thing in nachur and if goegette cud see her she wud think up sum horrible fikshunal fate. not that i am bittur. still long live jeremy corbin  a la lantern les aristos. okay outer adult add the link.

btw i am the inner child and i rool!!!!!

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