Tuesday 12 April 2016

"The Historical House" is the New Blog

Hello! If there are any readers who are wondering where I have got to, it is to my new blog "The Historical House." 

The new blog began with an attempt to stop writing in the first person. This proved untenable, but I learned some things from it.

Naturally not all readers are fans. If you have been reading my work just to feel a delicious thrill of rage at "a fundie", I highly recommend that you stop. It is probably bad for your health, and I'm pretty sure it's bad for your character.

In my years of writing for Catholic Single Women (and other Singles of Goodwill), I was careful to keep my own feelings about politics, liturgy and (insofar as this was possible) theological tendencies in the Catholic Church out of my blogs. My goal was to reach as many Singles (who were striving to remain chaste) as possible and address their feelings about being Single in a way that did not alienate anybody. (Naturally Singles who view chastity as an-artificial-construct-invented-by-men-to-oppress-women had serious issues with Seraphic Singles, etc.)

However, the older I get and the longer I am married, the less I have to say about the Single Life. For example, I am pretty clueless about the ways in which the I-Phone has changed communications between men and women and how to cope with them. (That said, I think the best policy is never to text a man back during work or study hours. Perhaps have a policy of texting men friends only after 5 PM, and always be the first to text "Gr8t chattng w/u must do sum wrk g/nite".)

Therefore, I want to be free to write about other issues that interest me, especially the loss of national identity in European countries, the effects of cultural marxism on society, how to hand on traditional values to new generations, and how to develop a closer relationship with the Blessed Trinity.  Sadly, this will of course alienate many of my old readers, which is too bad, but inevitable. The most I can say to soothe American readers--and most of my readers are USA Americans--is that I am not American--I'm a Canadian living in Scotland--and I almost NEVER write about American politics. If I write about illegal migration, I am never talking about illegal migration to the United States.

(If I may stress the point, one tendency non-Americans notice about Americans is that Americans seem to see the world through a specifically American lens. On the one hand, this is completely understandable. On the other hand, the world is not an extension of the United States. Europe's problems and identities are specific to Europe.)

But if you think you would enjoy my writing, no matter what, or if you enjoy reading a Catholic "traditionalist" point of view in any case, please come on over and read my new blog.