Thursday 5 February 2015

Whoa! Now That Was a Trip.

I keep censoring my caption.
I borrowed "Karol, a Man Who Became Pope" from my Polish teacher, and because I have to give it back to her tonight,  I watched the whole four hour series all at once. I watched it in Polish, with Polish subtitles that didn't actually match the Polish on the soundtrack. And now I am confused because I just read that it was filmed in English. It didn't look like they were speaking English.

After that I typed out my own Polish translation of an article I wrote about a Canadian pro-life activist. The translation is probably hideously bad, but all the same it was a trip to be banging out dramatic clauses in what I think is Polish after watching a movie about JP2.

The one disappointing thing about Karol, besides the subtitles not matching up, was that instead of having Piotr Adamczyk, the actor playing Saint John Paul, come out on the balcony over St. Peter's Square, the director just used footage of the real John Paul II coming out on the balcony. Having suspended my disbelief for four hours that JPII ever looked anything like Piotr Adamcyzk,  I wanted to see Pope Piotr on the balcony. But no. Alas.

There is a funny (to me) scene in which a German lady proves how evil she is by telling a Polish priest that it appears even good-looking Polish boys become priests. It sounds like the kind of stupid thing I might say myself, one second before realizing that I really shouldn't say stuff like that. And, really, although the moharowe berety must all have tsked at the wicked woman,  przecież Raoul Bova.

Wait a minute, Raoul Bova is Italian. Or Albanian. Or both. Someone explain this film to me.


  1. You want trippy? Cary Elwes as the young Pope St. John Paul II... It works remarkably well, but... Is just so weird...

  2. That was weird for me also. I kept expecting him to say "As you wish."

    1. I was pleased that while I have no clue how accurate his accent is in the movie, at least it was enough that he didn't sound like Westley to me...

  3. I really liked this movie with Piotr Adamczyk--until I did a bit more reading and realized how they'd glammed things up a bit by trying to add a little romance and taking some poetic license ;-) It's still a great movie, I just don't feel like it's the real Pope John Paul anymore, and that's disappointing ;-)


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