Friday 13 February 2015

Final Words on V-Day This Year

So hopefully you North American ladies have already put into place your Valentine's Day activities.

Perhaps you have already mailed valentines and chocolates to your Single or divorced friends and widowed grandmothers/mothers/aunts.

 Perhaps you Single ones have arranged to meet your best Single friends for a fun party tomorrow.  

And perhaps the Married ones--or Single-with-boyfriends--have made sure whatever-is-most-important-to-you will actually happen because you planned it or told the man ahead of time.  Yes I know you think spontaneous gestures are really really important, but what and if they are is up to him. Otherwise they're not really spontaneous, are they? 

Frankly, the misery of lonely Single girls on V-day can be matched and even surpassed by the disappointment of Married ladies unrooted in the reality that their husbands don't suddenly change their personalities for Valentine's Day. 

My iron-clad rule for V-Day is Do something nice for others you think might be feeling lonely on V-Day, and expect nothing for yourself. 

If you follow this rule, you will never be disappointed. Also, you will not feel disgusted by all the V-Day decorations around you. You will look at them and think about these friends and family members that you love and hope that they get their valentines/chocolates on time. 

My situation is different from most of you, of course, but I sent B.A. a valentine in the post, so yesterday when I looked at all the red hearts (love-hearts, they say in the UK) in the shop windows, I thought, "Oooh! I hope it arrives in the Saturday morning post!" and "I really have to find a place for the Seraphic Singles meeting!"

And I will be hanging out with my dearest Toronto Catholic friends, Les Girls, tomorrow afternoon, and meeting readers at 6 PM so I am really, really looking forward to Valentine's Day. 

Have a happy Valentine's day, my little Singles! To remind you what it's really all about, here is a Saint Valentine's Day (and every day) video:

Another new post below (B.A.)!

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