Friday 6 February 2015

Annual Valentine's Day Seraphic Singles Meeting

Valentine's Day is on its pastel pink way, and I will be in Toronto Canada on February Fourteenth, hoping to have dinner with any local readers who want to chat. In years past, we have just met up at Starbucks. However, I get hungry, so this year I propose supper somewhere too cheap to be a Valentine's Day draw for couples. If you are a girl, you are going to be in Toronto on Valentine's Day and you have nothing Valentiney to look forward to, come meet up with me at 6 PM.  Send me an email in advance and I will tell you where I will be. It will probably be in the Annex, i.e. somewhere around Spadina Station.

John Herreid wrote a great little article about Ignatius Press's books about romantic relationships, and I am very pleased because of the nice thing he said about Ceremony of Innocence. If you are engaged or married to a bookish gent, you might give him a copy. Although the protagonist is a woman, it isn't particularly girly. Stuff blows up.  

John, who designed the cover for Ceremony of Innocence, is responding to the unfortunate fact that the Fifty Shades of Grey porno has been turned into a film that will hit theatres on Valentine's Day. You have to wonder about the kind of girl who drags her man to a porno film about a super-rich sadist.  I would certainly wonder about that kind of girl if I were a man. How did the culture go from the [V] Monologues to Fifty Shades of Grey overnight, eh? 

All of a sudden, I am flooded with pity for all the poor confused men who will think Fifty Shades of Grey is some kind of female-pleasing instruction manual.  

Quite obviously nobody will ever think this of my Ceremony of Innocence

Indeed, if Bookish Guy reads Ceremony of Innocence, he is unlikely to question your motives. He will probably despise Dennis until halfway through because so far all men who have talked to me about Dennis despise Dennis until halfway through.  Strangely, despite having all those fun pals, Dennis is just not a man's man. It might be all the hair products. German guys are very much into hair products, but other guys, not so much. In the end, Bookish Guy will either give my book four stars or three stars and then forget all about it. Oh, but he will like Catriona. They all love Catriona. 

Catriona: I wonder why that is, MOTHER.

Me: Yeah, let's not go there. 


  1. Incidentally I just interviewed John for an article I'm doing and he said even more nice things about Ceremony!

  2. Oh that's great! I really like his designs. I'm always delighted when he illustrates one of my articles.

  3. Have fun! I am wondering if any of the Seraphics readers in NYC happen to be in this NYC Catholic women's group I've been going to which is making its way through Alice von Hildebrand's ideas in The Privilege of Being A Woman. :-) Maybe WE need a Valentine's party.. or at least those of us without husbands or boyfriends.


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