Tuesday 3 February 2015

Polish God-daughters on the Radio

Aktualizacja: Brawo, Dzielne Niewiasty! Słuchałam tutaj w Edynburgu. Dzięki, Alicjo! Jestem z Ciebie dumna. Jesteś naprawdę perłą! :-D

Second Post of Day:

Attention Polish-speakers! Today my Polish god-daughters, Dzielne Niewiasty, and Ojciec (Father) Paweł Drobot, will be on Radio Maryja. This will be at 18.15 g Polish time, 17:15  Greenwich Time, and therefore 12:15 in Toronto/New York and 11:15 in Chicago.

I am very excited that I will hear Alicja and O. Paweł on the radio. Maybe they will mention my "Anielskie Single"--how thrilling! One of the reasons I am studying Polish so much is to have a long conversation with Alicja one day.

This photo is from the Dzielne Niewiasty retreat last May. I had already gone to bed when the photo was taken! I suspect Alicja herself took the photo. Guess which one is Father Paweł!


  1. Thank you Dorothy! I can't believe that everything began that fateful May 2012. ... Who would have thought that our meeting in Krakow will have such continuation? :)

    Moreover - my english is better and better. And I'm confident that our conversation will take place somewere. But it will be the other way than it was before - you'll want to speak Polish, and I - English;)

    Thanks for all!


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