Wednesday 28 January 2015

Random Updates

1. Back on 5/2 diet and it's Wednesday, so I'm hungry.
2. Spent the afternoon translating my own article into Polish.
3. Looked up many, many words in my massive Oxford University English-Polish dictionary.
4. And drank two macchiati and two glasses of water to help my brain along.
5. Went to Swing Dancing and took the beginner class in the Charleston. Rock step, kick, down, kick, pause, kick back, down. Rock step, etc.
6. Just missed the next Rough Bus.
7. Stared longingly in the window of an Indian restaurant. Hungry. Hungry!
8. Took Rough Bus 14 minutes later.
9. Crunched over snow on the way to the Historical House. Snow!
10. Awaiting 200 calories of slow-roasted brisket. Hungry. Hungry. Hungry....!


  1. Here is a recipe for a delicious and filling soup for your fast days.

    Make sure you don't forget lime because it gives it a wonderful flavor.


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