Sunday 18 January 2015

Help the BC Trads

When I was at BC, I fell in with the Saint Thomas More Society,  a group of undergraduates who went to Benediction and then listened to a theological lecture while eating pizza. Being a graduate student in my mid-thirties, I stuck out like a sore thumb. I also felt like sore thumb, but that was completely normal. I stuck out like, and felt like, a sore thumb all over Boston. But Benediction, and my Christian Latin classmates in the STMS, were like balm.

You can read about my jolly Christian Latin classmates in Seraphic Singles (the book). Meanwhile, the current crop of tradition-minded (and therefore orthodox) BC students are trying to raise money for vestments and candlesticks for their Traditional Latin Mass.  

Normally I would think that every charitable cent anyone could muster should go to Aid to the Church in Need and other groups helping Christians in peril. But I am touched by the thought of the Traditional Latin Mass being said at the very heart of Boston College. It is amazing to me that devout Catholics who believe what the Church teaches survive there at all. In a very small way, they may actually be Christians in peril. 

If you can spare a few shekels, please give to a bunch of kids who will use them for the glory of God.  I chucked in a bit myself and will pray for them at today's Mass.   

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