Monday 27 October 2014

Moxy Fruvous No Longer Cute

And don't go looking up why. If you're Canadian, you probably know why. If you're not Canadian, you will not thank me.

"Why did Seraphic mention Moxy Fruvous?" you will steam. "How can I get those images out of my head? DANG!"

I only mention it because I wrote a paid article about the Synod on the Family, turned to the internet for distraction and got caught up in the scandal about Jian Never you mind!

Cute, I want cute!

The sad thing is my brother Nulli and I loved Moxy Fruvous, and I only stopped loving them when I found out about their politics. Let's just say they were not into the Gospel of Life.  And it seems one of them was definitely into... Never mind!


Gardens! Toads! Lily pads!


  1. Not necessarily cute, but if you want...not disturbing (generally) and sort of fluffy internet pleasures, my suggestions are either Pinterest or (if you knit or crochet or plan on taking up either) Ravelry...

  2. Seraphic, have you ever looked at ? Lots of cute animal pictures/videos are there.

  3. I have but it looks more chaotic than it used to.

  4. Aw man. I had reconciled myself to not listening to Q anymore, but my brain had blocked out the very obvious Moxy Fruvous connection. Boo.

    Bored Shorts on YouTube are cute, especially the salesman one.


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