Thursday 30 October 2014

Little Dogs are Super Cute

B.A. and I have a protracted argument about what dog we're going to get, when we get a dog. I want a pug. He wants a border terrier. He argues me into accepting the border terrier point of view, and for a few months I am all about border terriers. But then I see a pug, or a photo of a pug, and the argument starts all over again.

It's been going on about five years.

Another super-cute little dog is the Tibetan Spaniel, and I have a good friend back in Toronto who actually is a Tibetan Spaniel. Among his many names is Minger Dawg.  He is unfailingly cheerful and adorable, even though he is no longer a spring puppy. Just the thought of ol' Minger Dawg helped me sail through a day that involved a full-up Pilates class and the magnetic online pull of the Jian Ghomeshi scandal. Ah, Minger Dawg! Being an innocent pupster, he doesn't have the slightest clue who Jian Ghomeshi is although I think he might enjoy a Pilates class or two. 

I shall now add a Tibetan Spaniel to my Pinterest board.

By the way, here  is my latest Catholic Register article. If you're not Catholic and consider yourself of the Left, you might hate it. And if you are Catholic, but dissent drastically on pelvic issues, you might also hate it  And if you are here avoiding thoughts about the Synod, it is about the Synod. So all three groups, be warned! 


  1. "Pelvic issues"!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!! Good way of putting it!

    Also, I have officially zero idea of what/who Jian Ghomeshi is, but you've suggested we don't do a Google search, so I won't.

  2. Good. He's a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation radio host, a pop star when I was a teenager, whose mop-topped image has been totalled by revelations he liked to hit and choke dates for kicks.

  3. My dog would like to insist that you really must consider Shih Tzus. But not the prissy ones, though she's convinced the prissy acting Shih Tzus must have some Maltese in them somewhere or have been brought up improperly by their owners. Shih Tzus are BIG DOGS in a little body, she insists (and must never have hair bows, but I think that's just her personal opinion there on that one - but she is insistent on that point). I never would have considered the breed without a family friend who had one that was the sweetest dog ever (partially because I think they're pretty ugly when in show coat, which is the only way I'd ever seen them growing up watching the Westminister Dog Show - but they're very very cute when groomed in puppy clips), and I've heard multiple other people with Shih Tzus comment on their sweetness as well. So if you're looking for small dogs, they're a great choice. (I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, but they're WAY more expensive (at least here in the US) than a Shih Tzu, and I've never really seen one through a rescue, but maybe I've just been in areas where they weren't popular.)

    1. I provide visual evidence (None of these are my dog, but she kind of looks like these ones - she has very similar coloring to all but the last):
      (if nothing else it provides you some other cuteness to view - even if you have a reason not to want a Shih Tzu, I doubt you can claim these dogs aren't cute!)

  4. Dachsuunds are hugely popular in Italy, and so I am constantly confronted by the temptation to get one. And they are such nice friendly happy little fellers, I can't resist petting and cuddling them, often to the annoyance of the o-so-fashionable pointy-shoed females carting them about.


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