Sunday 26 October 2014

A Holiday in Cuteness

Fun fun fun till Daddy takes Belindy away!
Tonight I am going to express my displeasure with the shenanigans that marked the Synod of the Family by reading Familiaris Consortio. And for the rest of the week I am going to take a break from all Catholic news, especially Vatican news, by reading nothing on the internet that is not about The Cute.

Would readers kindly suggest blogs that collect and celebrate cute, fun, girly stuff for our amusement? My cute interests include ladybugs (and Polish songs about ladybugs, aka biedronki--isn't that a cute word?), polka dots, vintage fashions, Paris in the 1950s, babies, grandmothers of all kinds, very small houses, gypsy caravans, impressive jewellery, shoes, expensive perfume, recipes for cakes, pies and cookies, ornate stairwells, classic children's picture books,  rag dolls, central European folk design, ballet (I am out of my thirty year anti-ballet snit), alphabets, wooden toys and hagiographies for children.

My Great-Uncle Art of blessed memory (born c. 1900) gave me a very cute broom that was also a black rag doll, which I called Beloved Belindy after Raggedy Ann's black friend. Both this broom and my Raggedy Ann book were confiscated by my parents as appallingly racist. I wonder where they are. My mother never throws anything out, so possibly my Beloved Belindy broom still exists in some box. At the time (1975) I hadn't the slightest idea what was wrong with sweeping the floor with a simulacra of a black woman. And in later years when I heard about the need for black dolls, I was even more confused as to why my parents had taken mine away.

Oh dear. Now even my post on cuteness has depressingly political overtones. To soothe any frazzled nerves, I should point out that the only black people I ever saw in 1975 were Gordon and Susan on Sesame Street, who were also the only married couple on Sesame Street, which rather confused me, and David. Oh, and Uncle Ben of Uncle Ben's Rice and Aunt Jemima of the pancake mix. All much better  role models than Beyoncé and Jay-Z.  I hadn't the foggiest clue there was something called racism and that my poor Belinda was a symbol of it. My childhood Toronto neighbourhood was still rather Anglo-Saxon, with Germans and the occasional Italian to liven things up. Oh, and "Uncle" Waldemar, of course, exuding Slavic glamour all over the place.

Update: Cute rag dolls!


  1. Do pretty gardens count?

    I found that while looking for inspiration for the jungle out the back. I have to plan more carefully for the birds and butterflies this year. Our CJ wildlife is and I am thinking of buying some arrow bamboo in pots and perhaps, if it were possible, a cercis lavender twist for some shade, as an overbearing neighbour is driving me back inside. :-( High fences make for happy neighbours. ;-)


  2. Re children's hagiography... are you familiar with R.H. Benson's 'An Alphabet of Saints'? It is charmingly illustrated with woodcuts by Gabriel Pippet, as is its companion volume, 'A Child's Rule of Life.'

    Here's a link to a scan of the 'Alphabet':;view=1up;seq=7

  3. Edit: the 'Alphabet of Saints' was not illustrated by Gabriel Pippet but by one L. D. Symington. G. Pippet did, however, do some lovely woodcuts for 'A Child's Rule of Life'.

  4. link to 'A Child's Rule of Life':

  5. I did like that garden! It makes me think about whether I can have my own... I would love to grow our own herbs and veggies!

  6. Oh, Father Robert Hugh Benson! Squee!

  7. doesn't post much anymore but her archives are full of sweet thoughts and cute at-home date night ideas if you felt like roping BA into your cuteness plans.

  8. Was your Beloved Belindy broom a small wisk broom? If so, my mother-in-law had one which I eventually inherited.

    As for cute, how about minatures? I am fond of looking at dolly tea sets, food, and accessories here: . (As this is a website where one can buy things, I hasten to add that I have no affiliation with them.)

  9. E Nesbit isn't exactly cute but quite delightful! I'm reading railway children now and it's lovely, in the way Anne of Green Gables is lovely.


  10. Also Like Mother Like Daughter blog, sometimes cute, always lovely. Faux Martha and Orangette for food. Fike Life for cuteness and laughs.

  11. Another beautiful food blog:
    That boy! So cute!
    These also link to too many food blogs, in addition to the recipes themselves:
    And a motherhood around the world series, fascinating and full of CUTE little kid photos.


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