Wednesday 11 March 2015

Poor Kat, Poor Parish

I have been writing my little brains out all day, fact-checking until my eyes bug, and I have not had time for anything else. But I have just had a look at the internet and discovered this horror story by Kat at Patheos. Even if you never read Patheos, have a look at what Kat has to say. Unless you are a Protestant or belong to the Eastern Church, for them I will be horribly embarrassed as well as sad.

What a terrible abuse of the sacraments. Can you see why Catholics become so shocked and angry? And why they fly to the Traditional Latin Mass and to tradition-loving priests? Saint Joseph, please intercede for me and all my loved ones, that we may have happy deaths.


  1. Heather in Toronto12 March 2015 at 14:02

    It's clericalism of a particularly ugly form. "I'm the boss, and my whims are much more important than your pastoral needs, even when my whims go against the clearly stated regulations of the Church."

    The new Mass does not give you license to ignore the rubrics. It does not give you license to use inappropriate bread for consecration (even if it was home baked plain wheat and water and so technically valid matter, the crumbliness makes it a huge no-no). It does not mandate moving the Tabernacle completely out of sight. It does not mandate ripping out the kneelers. It does not give you license to refuse someone from receiving communion in the manner she is most comfortable receiving when that manner is explicitly stated to be allowed everywhere. Ugh. This poor parish.

    I say this as someone who does prefer the N.O. to the older form, and hates it when the Mass that brought me into the Church gets treated like someone's personal toy that they can do whatever they like with. (I have nothing against the E.F. in principle, and attend it on occasion, but my ADHD-addled brain finds the simpler format easier to follow and less likely to give me the chance to find myself contemplating the grocery list rather than the Lord.)

    1. Well said. And to echo what I have said before and elsewhere, the Novus Ordo is young, weak and vulnerable, which may be why it is so easily exploited, but all the more reason why it SHOULDN'T BE!


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