Wednesday 4 March 2015

Good Jobs for Trads

Two positions open at "Our Lady Seat of Wisdom" in Barry's Bay, Ontario: Music Professor and Latin Professor.

Naturally you should have qualifications beyond being an orthodox Catholic traditionalist, but being an orthodox Catholic traditionalists looks key. I mean, the music prof has got to be familiar with the EF, and the Latin prof has to, um, know Latin.

Anyway, I know jobs for Latinists and musicians can be tight, so behold.

Oh, as it's a Canadian college, priority to Canadians. However, I do see a young man in the faculty there I know to be British.


  1. I thought of you when I read this article about Canadians with a good sense of humor. Sorry for commenting under this post, but I don't see a "suggestions" link or link to send general comments -- Is this a common practice in Canada? :)

  2. Just so you and your readers know, on the whole, Traditionalists are not that welcome at OLSWA. Conservatives, yes. Trads, really not so much.

  3. I had not heard that. I imagine, however, that the academic market is so tight, and yet finding devoutly Catholic professors of Latin or Music is so difficult, that it would be worth a Latin Mass Lover's time to apply.


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