Friday 20 March 2015

A Dragon is Eating the Sun!

Picture a little  bespectacled married couple in the front courtyard of a Palladian villa holding a piece of cardboard. The husband is also holding a piece of paper with a round hole in it. The wife is looking at a disc of sunlight on the cardboard. It looks like a tiny sun cookie with a dragon-bite taken out of the bottom. The husband is looking at the sun.

Wife: Stop looking at the sun!

Husband: It's not dangerous. There's a cloud over it. Look!

Wife: Stop looking! You'll go blind! I'll have to lead you to work in the morning!

Husband: Look! Look! Wow!

Wife: Stop telling me to look! I'll go blind!

Husband: You won't go blind! There's a big dark cloud over---Wow....

Wife (looks): Wow.....! ....And now I can't see. Ahh! Ahh! The spots, the spots!

Husband: Oh shoosh.

Wife (takes off glasses): My glasses are dirty.  But still, you're not supposed to look at the sun.

Husband: I'm really glad I saw this on telly last night, so I knew how to make this [pin-hole eclipse viewer].

Wife: Then look at it and not at the...Stop looking at the sun!  STOP IT! STOP IT!

Husband: I'm looking at you, darling. Oh, look at it now !

UPDATE: If you are reading this in Europe before GMT 10 AM, don't look at the sun. Watch the eclipse over television/internet instead.

UPDATE 2: It did noticeably get colder although I am not sure the dragon had anything to do with that.

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  1. All the bespectacled nerds in Europe were outdoors this morning peering into pinhole cameras.


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