Thursday 12 March 2015

Pluscarden Holy Week Retreat

Isn't it pretty?
This in from a reader in Aberdeen who wants to promote the Pluscarden Abbey retreat:


1 - 6 APRIL 2015

The Abbot and monks of Pluscarden Abbey invite young people (aged 18-30) to celebrate the Liturgy with them from Wednesday of Holy Week until Easter.

Our guests will stay in the abbey guest houses. Those taking part will be able to gain deeper insight into the Christian life, monastic life and the Abbey.

There is no charge for staying; but if anyone wishes to make a donation, this will be gratefully received. 

Click on the link to sign up. I have friends who have made retreats at the Abbey and like it very much.

Nota Bene: These will be Novus Ordo liturgies.

 If you are looking for a Triduum in Scotland according to the Ordo of 1962, then come to St. Andrew's R.C. Church in Edinburgh. Maundy Thursday Mass will be at 5 PM, the Good Friday service at 3 PM, and the Easter Vigil at 5 PM this year.  Easter Sunday Mass (Mass 3) will be at 11:30 AM.

Yes, the rumour was unfounded, and we do have our usual church after all. All we had to do was schedule our Easter Vigil earlier than usual.

ALSO this post jogged my memory of the one monastic foundation in Scotland likely to celebrate Triduum according to the TLM.  Unless you live in Norway, Pluscarden is a lot easier to reach!
Routes to Papa Stronsay where B.A. will go if I die.

HOWEVER, since I am on the topic of monasteries,  I have to put in a word for my own favourite foundation for women, which is the Sisters of Saint Cecilia at Ryde, Isle of Wight. Although they don't usually have the EF, they "have retained the use of Gregorian chant and the Latin language." At least two women of my EF community go there on retreat, and I am friendly with the nuns there. They are a vibrant an impressive community possessing that most wonderful and rare of treasures--young nuns.

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