Friday 18 September 2015

Swing Dance Weekend

Why B.A. no like dance?
Well, my dear daily readers, I am taking the weekend off from blogging, for I shall be at an international swing-dancing festival in Edinburgh from this evening on. I have never been to an event like this, and I do hope it will be fun. I am sure it would be more fun if Benedict Ambrose also enjoyed swing-dancing and was coming with me, but that can't be helped.  Fortunately swing-dancing has never been one of my core values.

As it is Polski Piątek, I will update those interested on the progress of my studies, e.g. I have studied up to Day 15 in  Polish in Four Weeks: Intermediate and basically memorized the dialogues up to Day 7. I can argue people into investing their money into a fundusz inwestycyny, and I can explain why I want to go to the mall on Saturday (bo w tygodnie jestem wolna dopiero po 19ej). How useful this will be at my friend's wedding next month has yet to be determined. Happily I have a good stock in positive adjectives, so I can tell various sympathetic listeners that the bride is tak piękna, bardzo pracowita, i całkowice sympaticzna. 

Devotees of contemporary Catholic fiction may be interested to hear that I caught Ignatius Press's own Fiorella de Maria in the Edinburgh railway station as she made her way from the University of St Andrews down south again. We were both up very early and goggled at each other sleepily over coffee. (Which Fiorella bought. Thank you, Fiorella.) We cooked up schemes to promote our books, as we are fond of our books and want them to entertain people and make us money into the bargain. So watch this space for further information, and take note that Fiorella has a new book out,  with themes from the  First World War. 

As soon as I have a copy, I will tell you what I think.  

Meanwhile, the headlines of The Times this morning were all about homegrown terrorism, dearie me. Which just goes to show how up-to-date and contemporary my beloved Ceremony of Innocence is, and if you can afford to buy it yourself, off you go to the library to ask them to buy it. I see it is on sale--how nice! Kup teraz! (Buy now!)


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