Saturday 12 September 2015

I Read The Whole Thing

Oh, poppets. I cry. But then I laugh because I have finished reading the McLellan Report. And I wonder if I am the only scribe who read it all the way through. I also wonder if everyone on the McLellan Commission read it all the way through. I mean, two bishops were on that committee.

I'll say this for three blissful years of plowing through coherent, difficult, beautifully structured theology (mostly Bernard Lonergan and Saint Thomas Aquinas): you know the difference between the merely difficult and the obviously sub-standard when you see it.

Read all about it at Catholic World Report.

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  1. Good article on CWR, Aunty. Our national bishops conference initially hired an 'ecumenical Christian' ex-Police Commissioner to get 'independence', and now have a welfare/health worker from Britain (who seems to be Catholic), and that placated the media mostly. But then I don't think we have ever evaluated the effectiveness of our system (possibly cos it has had few abuse complaints registered with it I think - most complainants go directly to police or media). But we are small scale... even compared to Scotland!

    Southern Bloke.


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