Thursday 25 September 2014

Single-hearted Swing

New discovery. Being married has indeed changed my experience of dance class. For one thing I could see the men for who they were as opposed to who they might be in relation to me (e.g. too this, too that). And I did not take it personally that there were about 17 of them to about 29 of us women. (That is always how it is in a beginner's social dance class, as I recall from the last time I took swing dance class.)

Meanwhile, Big Band is the only social dance music I can take in big doses, so I enjoyed hearing it, and the instructors were fantastic dancers, so I enjoyed watching them. And I did not resent being pushed and pulled around the room by awkward young men because this time I felt only deep compassion and a sincere wish to put them at ease.  That probably is the follower's "job," come to think of it: to make things as easy and pleasant for the leader as possible. 

To inspire us all, here's an old clip of my pal Alisha Ruiss dancing at a swing championship 

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