Friday 7 August 2015

A Success

Since March 18, I have completely filled an edition of this book (the one on the bottom) with fiction. I have 7.75 completed first drafts of stories and some nice ideas to which I may return later.

I mention this because fiction, though absorbing, is very hard work. As you may have guessed, blogging is easy for me. But writing fiction is very hard, and the hardest part is sitting in a chair long enough and often enough to finish it.

In case you are still worried about  "the bodis riper", which I rather unfairly stopped while Hewbert was lingering in bed between life and death, I have not destroyed it or anything like that. But it was at 100,000 words (ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND)--most of them deliberately misspelled--and just ponder, for the moment, what it feels like to an author have written a funny, popular story of 100,000 words (so far) that she knows nobody will never, ever, publish, let alone pay a dime for.

Nevertheless I feel badly for its fans (especially Notburga, whose brilliant (and edifying) Sheep Horror Comic can be found here), so maybe I will finish "the bodis riper" by rewriting a chapter every Sunday and thus gaining the momentum to finish it. I do actually know how it ends. And although it is rubbish, it is our rubbish, so I supposed I should treat it with more respect. (Sigh.)  And when it is done, we can have a virtual party.



    If you finish it & publish it with amazon print on demand, I will demand a print & pay for it.


  3. The Bodis Riper! Oh please, don't leave poor Hewbert's fate in limbo for too much longer. We must know!

    And remember, just because it's rubbish doesn't mean that it's worthless -- it was fun to write, wasn't it? I know it was great fun to read. I once wrote a story in a similar vein ("Sword of the Doom: A Fantasy Adventur" -- first line: "Unhappily sighed Raven Starfinder as she stood in the courtyard of her father's trusty castle.") and although I pooped out at about 30,000 words it still makes me howl whenever I re-read it. Totally worth it.

  4. Great idea Sciencegirl has! I would pay for a hard copy, too! I even read it aloud to my husband, it was that hilarious! He wanted to know why I was laughing so much, and so we have read almost all the installments together! =)

  5. Why not publish it as a Kindle ebook? Ebook or print on demand, we have to get more illustrations by fans (Notburga and others?).
    And I would definitely pay for it!

  6. Heather in Toronto11 August 2015 at 14:22

    Yes yes! Self-publish the silly thing as an ebook or POD!


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