Thursday 25 December 2014



Midnight Mass. Cab ride back to the Historical House. Helping Mum prepare the Sacred Family Christmas Chelsea Bun. Trying to sleep. Up at eight-thirtyish. Making coffee and baking Bun. 

Coffee. Bun. Presents. Super-amazing red leather saddle-bag style shoulder bag from B.A. made in Edinburgh by a husband-and-wife team who have their own shop. More Bun. Walk around the Historical Grounds. The cloudless sky and the Firth of Forth are very blue. 

Leftover barszcz for Lunch 1. Leftover salmon on toast for Lunch 2.  Making Sacred Family Christmas Vegetable Soup. Making Sacred Family Christmas Curried Carrots. Making Sacred Family Christmas Green Beans with Red Pepper. 

(My mother has already finished the Sacred Family Christmas Alaskan Trifle. B.A. puts the finishing touches on the turkey, the roast potatoes and the gravy.)


Washing the dishes. Many many dishes.

Skyping far away family in ten-person conference call. 

Trying to get the curry stains out of crocheted Christmas doily handmade by Mum.  (Mum is currently watching the "Downton Abbey" Christmas Special, the HUMANITY!)

Pondering Boxing Day order to Empik....


Cue wonderful piece sung by Schola last night (not Schola in file!)

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