Saturday 14 March 2015

British Mother's Day

Bitter, very bitter.

Now that I live in the UK,  Childless I have to live through not one but two Mother's Days. BLAAAAAAH!

Fortunately, the British one is on Laetare Sunday, and in Traddery, nothing gets in the way of Laetare Sunday.

Big sigh.

I don't know if priests in the UK have invented "Make all the nulliparous women sit while the mothers stand to be applauded after Mass" yet.  For the sake of my nulliparous sisters in the UK, I hope not. As for me, I will be at the impassible Extraordinary Form--whoo hoo!

UPDATE: Flowers! I want flowers! And breakfast in bed! And and and and and another glass of wine!


  1. Thank you for being a spiritual mother to so many and to myself in my single years. You deserve flowers, breakfast in bed and wine for sure.
    I'm not sure if this helps but just as you remind singles on valentines day that having a husband doesn't guarantee a romantic gesture on that day, being a mother doesn't guarantee any of those things (or anything at all!) on Mother's Day. I've had two so far and cried my eyes out on both. I'm not expecting anything this year either. Instead I will focus on making sure my mother doesn't feel forgotten.

    Aussie mum in NZ

    1. I agree with Aussie mom! I know it's not the same as having biological children, but you are a lovely spiritual mother to many!!!

      And yay for the Trid Mass and no silly made up rituals!! I always think of Sheila sitting on Mother's Day and cheer up immensely.

    2. Dear Aussie Mum in NZ, speaking as someone who has read your comments for years and years--ever since you were Aussie Girl in London--I think you should tell your husband that gestures of appreciation on Valentine's Day and Mothering Sunday are important to you and that you need him to supply them so that you can function. It's always nice if men know that without being told, but a lot of them really don't know that without being told. For whatever reason, it just doesn't occur to them. And therefore, we have to tell them with as much patience as we can muster, remembering that their strengths lay elsewhere.

    3. LIE elsewhere, I mean. Oops!

  2. Yeah, I suspect that priests in the UK have gotten on the 'all Mothers stand' bandwagon. They do it in Australia.

    Thank you for being a spiritual mother to us!

  3. And wow, two Mothers' Days. Ick. At least we Singles don't have to survive two Valentine's Days.

  4. Thank you, all! It is an honour to be a spiritual mother.

    Yes, it does cheer me up to think about Sheila stubbornly sitting! Hee hee! But I am shocked to hear that some mothers don't get anything. Er, not even a card?! What about the 4th Commandment? I am hoping in these cases the children are too young to compute Mother's Day.


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