Sunday 1 November 2015

Happy All Saints Day!

Saint Andrew, Saint Margaret of Scotland, Saint John Ogilvie, Saint Ninian, Saint Columba, Saint Giles, Saint Cuthbert, Saint Kentigern, Saint David of Scotland, Saint Acca of Hexham, Saint Adomnan, Saint Adrian of May, Saint Almus, Saint Amandus of Beaumont, Saint Anatolius of Salins, Saint Angus, Saint Asaph, Saint Baldred of Strathclyde, Saint Barvitus, Saint Bean, Saint Blaithmaic of Iona, Saint Blane, Saint Blitharius of Seganne, Saint Boisil of Melrose, Saint Brendan, Saint Brigid of Picardy, Saint Brioc, Saint Buithe of Monasterboice, Saint Cadroe, Saint Caran, Saint Cathan, Saint Colman, Saint Comgal, Saint Comgan, Saint Conan, Saint Constantine of Scotland, Saint Constantine II, Saint Conval of Strathclyde, Saint Curetan, Saint Darlugdach, Saint Devinicus, Saint Donald of Ogilvie, Saint Donnan of Eigg, Saint Drithelm, Saint Drostan, Saint Duthac of Ross, Saint Ebbe the Elder, Saint Ebbe the Younger, Saint Egbert of Rathemigisi, Saint Erluph of Werden, Saint Ethernan, Saint Evan of Ayrshire, Saint Fechan, Saint Fergus the Pict, Saint Fiacre, Saint Fillan of Pittenweem, Saint Finan, Saint Finbarr of Cork, Saint Fyncana, Saint Fyndoca, Saint Gervadius, Saint Gilbert of Dornoch, Saint Gildas the Wise, Saint Himelin, Saint Irchard, Saint Jeroen of Noordwijk, Saint John of Ratzenburg, Saint Kenneth, Saint Kennocha of Fife, Saint Kentigerna, Saint Kessog, Saint Lamalisse, Saint Ludan, Saint Machan, Saint Machar, Saint Maelrubius of Applecross, Saint Maglastian, Saint Magnus of Orkney, Saint Manirus of Scotland, Saint Marnock, Saint Maura of Picardy, Saint Medan, Saint Mirin, Saint Modan, Saint Molaise, Saint Moloc of Mortlach, Saint Monan, Saint Monon of Nassogne, Saint Munn, Saint Oda, Saint Odran of Iona, Saint Oduvald of Melrose, Saint Olaf, Saint Palladius, Saint Patrick, Saint Psalmodius, Saint Ronald of Orkney, Saint Rule, Saint Serf, Saint Sweeney, Saint Tarkin of the Western Isles (Sodor), Saint Teneu, Saint Ternan, Saint Triduana of Restalrig, Saint Vimin of Holywood, Saint Wendelin, Saint William of Perth, Blessed Alexander of Foigny, Blessed Clement of Dunblane, Blessed George Douglas, Blessed John Duns Scotus, Blessed Mechthild of Lappion, Blessed Nathalan of Aberdeen, Venerable Margaret Sinclair, all ye saints of Scotland, pray for us!

Meanwhile, I set fire to my not-so-alma mater here. 


  1. Given the (growing) high number of signatories in the Martin letter, the problem is chillingly pervasive in the United States, at least.


  2. I am totally out of breath after reading that, lol! Happy All Saints!!

  3. Really thought-provoking and, frankly, disturbing article, Seraphic. I am so sorry you had to go through that, and I admire your defense of the faith in spite of what you saw and heard and were told. I have found myself increasingly disturbed and disheartened in the last few years or so, as I realized that persons and institutions whom I assumed were Catholic in all ways in fact held contrary views, or interpreted doctrine much differently than I thought was correct. I continue to be surprised by how shaken up I can feel when someone who appears to be a practicing Catholic tells me that they don't necessarily agree with all the theology, and I don't know how to reconcile it with the way I approach the faith -- am I too rigid, too by-the-rules with that fervour that only the young have? Or do I just make too many assumptions about people around me? Is there something wrong with me for being so conservative? Anyway, it was important to read what you wrote, even if not comforting. And I continue to be confused by this whole issue of 'the Jesuits' and why they're sometimes controversial, sometimes respected.

  4. Don't think I was miserable the entire time because I wasn't! All the happy stuff I wrote about on my blog and I was happy whenever I was blogging.

    I doubt you are "conservative"--you probably just have a good grasp of what the faith actually is, as it has been handed down by the apostles and the successors to the apostles. If people don't agree with "theology", well theology--unless we are talking about St Thomas Aquinas or the early Church Fathers or St. Paul--is just theology. However, if they don't agree with all the doctrine, that's when they're dissenting from Church teaching and when the conversation has to start. I believe in the USA in particular, many Catholics believe in everything except the doctrines regarding marriage, the family, and sex. This may be partly because there is a gazillion dollar industry (or industries) preaching the exact opposite of what the Church believes, and hey, most people spend more time watching TV than they do at Mass, and how many priest preach on this stuff these days?

    Anyway, it is sad and disappointing, but keep your eyes on the cross and check everything that sounds strange with the Catechism and pray. Oh, and develop a support network of friends who believe as you do, if you can.

  5. Really fantastic article. It came up in my Facebook feed and I started reading and thought "this sounds like Seraphic, who's the author...." I feel the need to pass it on to many people I know.
    My husband has discovered over the past year that many of his family and long time friends do not believe in the churches teachings on marriage and the family and it's been very hard for him. The IVF situation being the most heartbreaking. The Synod and our own Cardinals behaviour has made everything seem rather bitter. I am dealing with it by focusing on raising my own children in the faith but even that seems a hopeless task in the area we live in.

    Aussie girl in NZ

    1. Hi Aussie girl in NZ, I also live in NZ and have been disappointed with our country's contribution at the synod.
      We are trying to introduce a puberty programme at the school I teach at that respects church teaching. So far the sign up numbers have been low. The programme is Loving For Life if you want to look it up at some point. I'm in Wellington. Where about a in NZ are you? Have you checked out Restless Press? Some good orthodox NZ And Aussie bloggers on there.

    2. Do you ever read like mother like daughter? They have great ideas for trying to build community, especially for families, in real life. They call them St Gregs pockets.

  6. Thanks, Aussie Girl! I'm sorry about your husband's pain. Yes, the IVF thing is really terrible--so terrible that I am not sure my doctors understood me when I said as a Roman Catholic I do not believe in IVF. I'm not sure they know Catholics abstain from anything except supporting the Glasgow Rangers football team.

    Do not give up and be of good cheer, There are lots of Catholic materials you can draw on to teach your children, and for all you know there are other Catholic families near you who feel as you do: seek and ye shall find. Of course, my pal Hilary White would say, succinctly, "So move."

  7. Sorry... I never quite understood why you left before, but now I do. MariT

  8. If you can't read, you can't get to Comps. Besides, I don't like abusive relationships. If a man (or, in this case, a number of men) are bloody to me, I walk.


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