Tuesday 23 June 2015

Miss Campbell, RIP

One of our parishioners has died, and I would like all readers to pray for her soul. As she was about 94 and went to Mass every day, this may be more of a situation in which we should ask her to pray for us. Still, one never knows unless someone is actually canonized, so of your charity, please pray for Una Campbell.

Here is a story about her I found online.  On top of her impressive work of mercy, I draw your attention to the fact that she never married.  

What if you lived to be 94 and never married? What would your life be like? I hope your life would be at least somewhat like Miss Campbell's.  Like many other very elderly ladies in Edinburgh, she was as sharp as a tack and took much pleasure in the city's packed calendar of cultural events. She always brought a tea towel to our Sunday Mass, so as to help with the washing up after After-Mass Tea. She usually had a chat with the Master of the Men's Schola and other parishioners. Meanwhile, although she was a stalwart of the TLM, she also went to daily Mass at the local Jesuit parish, where she was a reader. On the occasion of her 90th birthday, we had a little party after our Mass, complete with cake and a speech by an elderly man who had been her pupil!

Via Facebook, I have been informing all of her fellow Edinburgh TLM-goers home and abroad of her passing. The responses are flowing in from positive infants in their early to mid-20s: Requiscat in pace. Miss Campbell and her tea-towel was a constant of our Sunday worship, and evidence that you can serve others even when you're over 90. She'll be missed, but I am delighted to think that she is young again. 

She died at home in her Edinburgh flat--I'm happy about that, too. Saint Joseph, patron of a good death, pray for us!