Monday 8 June 2015

I'm Going to Belgium

I will be meeting some vacationing relations for a weekend in Belgium, near Lieges.

Now I am pondering all that I know about Belgium:

1. It used to be super-Catholic.
2. Hercules Poirot is a fictional Belgian. 
3. Magritte was a real Belgian. 
4. Hergé, who invented Tintin, was also a real Belgian.
5. It got very banged around in the First World War.
6. It got banged around again in the Second World War.
7. Some of Belgium speaks French, and some speaks Dutch. 
8. You can have your sick children put down like dogs there.
9. Lieges is dangerous after dark.
11. Bishop Bonny
12. Belgian Congo.

I think I will concentrate on  Hergé and Magritte. Yay, Hergé and Magritte! Three weeks to review French. La la. 


  1. Belgium is more beautiful than you might expect. Fries with mayonnaise are terrific; all food delicious. Shops have wonderful things in them, though more to look at than to buy. WWI memorials are everywhere. No one forgets. A haunted country.


  2. Oh good. I am happy to hear about the food and the shops. And I am sure it will be very interesting to look at. But I am a bit worried about what Mass will be like--or if there is one near where I will be. I am imagining travelling 40 miles at great inconvenience to my family only for my blood to freeze at some terrible sacrilegious mockery of Mass. But maybe Belgium is not so bad... If it is, the readers of the Catholic Register will read all about it for SURE!


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