Friday 1 May 2015

Sexual Victimization of Men by Women

Well, there goes that double standard.

Not that I go around kissing strange men out of the blue, but it has never occurred to me that that would count as sexual victimization.  But now I am thinking, "Well, of course it would be! Why didn't I realize that before?!" 

Obviously the solution is for everyone to keep their hands to themselves.  But, really, I had no idea teenage boys and college men felt so strongly against girls and women touching them and begging them for sexual favours. I understood that they were more likely to be annoyed by this when the women were much older than them, or did not fit the their cultural template of what attractive women look and smell like, but...

According to the study, trying to seduce someone with sexual behaviours counts as sexual coercion. Holy crickets! What does that mean? (The example has the woman asking if she could use the man's phone. What?) And I don't understand how "internal obligation" counts as sexual coercion. 

If it is true that men hate all this kind of stuff just as much as women do, then I think we should be told from the age of 10 or so. For forty years or more, women have been told that it is okay to be the sexual aggressor and that it is incredibly hateful to call women names (e.g. slut) for aggressively trying to seduce men. But if it turns out that such behaviours, which as far as I know, have been socially acceptable (or even desirable) outside conservative and religious circles, should be classified as sexual assault, then obviously women ought to know that!

Male readers have told me about women asking them for sex and ditching them flat when the men have explained that premarital sex is against their Roman Catholic faith. I have thought that very sad, just as sad as when women have The Talk with men they like and the men ditch them. But to be honest I had no idea so many men have been (or think they have been) sexually coerced by women.

On the other hand, I have seen women sexually assaulting men--here most definitely a crime "not of sex but of hatred." There was a video of young men protecting a church in Latin America from feminist demonstrators and various women rubbed up against them, flashed them, etc., as they prayed. It was most disgusting.

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