Tuesday 12 May 2015


Help! It's Traddy Tuesday, but I have no time to write about anything.  I have to iron and  pack, etc., etc. Tonight there is a Polish class trip to see Salto at the Filmhouse, so I have to get everything for my trip ready now.

So instead I will just plug the Sisters of Saint Cecilia at Ryde, where I am going. They don't get to have the TLM--at least, I don't think the priests who come give them the TLM--but they sing their office in Latin. What they do is all very old school.

Here is their website.

Not to be super-dramatic, since only two of my Scottish friends have joined it, but that is the order my Scottish friends join.  I hope they have a really nice garden; I think they do. It would be a pity to live that far south and not have a nice garden. It's rather staggering to think that they might never see Scotland again, and it's too bad B.A. is not going down with me, as it would be nice for them to hear his Scottish voice. Ah, me. Sigh, sigh.

Well, that's it for me for the rest of the week--unless I am so blown away by Salto I simply must declare today Polski Wtorek and blog all about it.

I shall have no access to email, so nobody have any Single life crises if you can at all help it. Don't invite any men to be your Friends on Facebook. Don't text that man your friends tell you not to text. Don't call him. Don't settle. What else? Don't kill anybody. Have a good week.

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