Friday 17 April 2015


me and my outer adult went to the royal botannix today and it was the best everrrrr! naychur is buetiful and in the royal botannix it is even art. serafik will x-plane tomorro.

meenwile as artists dayts go the royal botannix has the inner child starr of aproval.

by the way it is me the inner child and i rool!!!!!

thank you outer adult for tayking me to the botannix and then giving me that super pastrie in stokbrije you are the best.

ps swing is guid too becos it is silli and also verrie fun. another inner child starr of aproval from me.

ps2 this peotess is my wyld wichy frend. yes she messes arownd with cards etc but she is nyce. i am prowd.

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  1. "by the way it is me the inner child and i rool!!!!!"

    That you do indeed!


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