Tuesday 18 November 2014

Societal Death Spiral

Every morning when I check for my email, I am subjected to incredibly stupid trivia masked as "news." Too often it is "news" about this woman whose first, last and only claim to fame is that she behaves and dresses in a crudely sexual fashion. From some freak of nature, all her body fat has landed on her breasts and buttocks, a circumstance she underscores in photo after photo.

As a Catholic and a pro-life activist, I have been frequently told that I "hate women", and yet it would never occur to me to publish photographs and articles about this woman, and women who, like her, are known only for their crude, bathroom graffiti-style sexuality, over and over again. In fact, I think it is actually dangerous to American and British and European women that such women are shoved so often in the consciousness of the entire world. Simple men whose only window to our societies is mass media get the impression that we are all like that.

I find myself thanking Britain's lucky stars that the British press is equally obsessed with the Duchess of Cambridge who, although famous only for having married a future king, having had his children, managing to stay model-slim and smiling through her royal duties, provides an alternative model of womanhood to the masses.  

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