Tuesday 18 November 2014

Ah, Georgette!

 Sir Richard sighed. "Rid yourself of the notion that I cherish any villainous designs upon your person," he said. "I imagine I might well be your father. How old are you?"   
"I am turned seventeen."  
"Well, I am nearly thirty," said Sir Richard.  
Miss Creed worked this out. "You couldn't possibly be my father!"  
"I am far too drunk to solve arithmetical problems. Let it suffice that I have not the slightest intention of making love to you.”

Georgette Heyer, The Corinthian

My life at seventeen was really quite dull by Georgette Heyer's standards, I must say.


  1. Bahaha!

    I've read a few of Heyer's books now, after having seen you mention her on Seraphic Singles. I enjoy them as a light alternative to academic readings. And as a way to pass the time on tedious train journeys.

  2. They are great fun, aren't they?


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