Monday 18 August 2014

Autumn Already?

It is strangely cold in Edinburgh. Last week was rainy, and today, though fine, is chilly. Two weeks ago I noticed with sorrow that the dog roses which burst cheerfully over the Historical Walls across from the supermarkets had blown, but I didn't think summer would be over so soon. Surely not. The last hurrah of summer comes in September, when B.A. and I go to Lazio and absorb Italian sun. I was shocked to discover that the school term has begun.

This morning began at 8 when I rolled out of bed, delighted that I didn't have a hangover from yesterday's Sunday Lunch in Corstorphine. I drank coffee while I listened to my Polish lesson. The dialogue was about the Polish economy and terribly optimistic. 

After I did some grammar exercises, I tackled the housework. Monday mornings are dedicated to cleaning the master bedroom and the library B.A. fashioned out of the old linen closet. And of course I did the laundry. As my last act of tidying in the library, I strung up the laundry cables. 

At noon, I wrote a column about the Middle Eastern Christians.

When that was finished, I sent a postcard in thanks for Sunday Lunch and shopped at the economical supermarkets. A friend once told me that only "students and immigrants" shop at Aldi and Lidl. I thought he was joking, but he wasn't. 

Snobbery about supermarkets is one aspect of British life I cannot take seriously. If a brand of beer costs 1.49 a bottle at Aldi, I am certainly not going to buy it for 2.15 a bottle at Sainsbury's. Of course,  the economy supermarkets might not have everything one is looking for, but one learns in time who is most likely to have what. Meanwhile, I am grateful that there are still proper butchers, fishmongers and cheesemongers in Edinburgh. And of course there is White Eagle for my Polish cookery needs.

On the way home I noticed a new crop of fuchsia-coloured dog roses in bloom. It is on the Aldi side of the roundabout, facing the Historical Wall. They have a delicious scent, heavy and rich. Perhaps summer is not quite over yet. 


  1. People here in Kansas, USA often feel that way about Aldi as well! Which is just crazy. Often their stuff is as nice or nicer than the ritzy expensive groceries. And honestly, I'd almost pay more for the fast and easy experience of shopping at Aldi over the plethorae of choices at the ritzy ones! They can be almost a nightmare!

  2. I don't get snobbery about the costs, but then we were always glad to get a deal. Most folks my family spent time with were pretty down to earth even if they made a lot of money. I could never understand why it'd be better to spend more money just to prove one could.

    We're actually in a major grocery chain battle here in New England right now, so if you'd say a prayer for Market Basket I'd appreciate it. It's good jobs and the best prices (and selection, actually), but greed and vengeance are hurting folks. Without MB prices, the other stores won't have to be reasonable anymore.


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