Friday 31 October 2014

Jack O' Lanterns are Cute!

Squash O'Lantern
When I got to Aldi this afternoon, having spent the morning in diligent washing and hoovering, all the pumpkins were sold. I checked Lidl, but there were no pumpkins there either! So I bought the largest butternut squash I could find and took it home.

Then I went to the neighbouring Historical House for lunch and watched a Polish film. It had an All Saint's Day cemetery visit scene which I thought very apropos--even though, er, in the film the visiting family's loved one's grave had been moved. This scene, and the scandal of the removed body, reminds me of the cemetery in Kraków B.A. and I visited two years ago tomorrow and how it had a big monument to the "Victims of Communism" with dozens upon dozens of glass lamps around it.

When I got home this evening--racing to get there before visitors arrived for the ghost story tour downstairs (nowt to do with B.A. and me up in our attic)--I began digging away at the butternut squash. I soon remembered that the last butternut squash I carved up was months old and therefore rather dried out inside. This one, alas, was a thick and juicy young one, so scooping out its flesh reminded me rather of  those islanders who chip away at whole tree trunks to make boats.  But I prevailed, and our squash o'lantern has been grimacing out the dining room window for some hours.

Above is a photo of the squash from a Hallowe'en past.


  1. I am so impressed that you managed to carve a butternut squash. I have a hard time even peeling the things or chopping them into pieces to cook...

  2. Desperate times call for desperate measures. And as the Historical House is a Haunted House for another night, this year's Squash O'Lantern is back on the window sill!

  3. Off topic, but I've just received an email about a symposium in London and thought perhaps it might be a suitable venue for your all your Polish cultural expertise!

    I don't know your policy on links, but it's called 'Dissent, Conscience and the Wall', to be held on the 29th November, sponsored by the Thomas More Institute.

  4. Link away! It sounds interesting.


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