Sunday 12 July 2015

The Don't Need Make-Up Video

The "Do men really know what they are talking about when they say they don't like make-up?" debate continues! Incidentally, I found a version of it in  Daddy Long Legs  which was first published in 1912. Judy writes to "Daddy" of a man who got his wife to wear "rational dress" and then ran off with a chorus girl.

Thanks to the reader who drew my attention to this amusing video.  


  1. "These are all just metaphors, girl. But they are about your face." Ha ha ha!

  2. I usually don't wear make up. When I do wear make up my boyfriend looks at me with a small hint of disappointment and tells me that the girl he fell in love with did not wear make up. He will tolerate me wearing it for my own amusement though, but I can tell he doesn't approve of it. I hope I can raise my hypothetical future children in that spirit!


  3. Emelie, is it a cultural norm where you are for men to tell women they date what to wear and how to look? It may be a language issue, but here in Scotland we don't talk about men "tolerating" women's choices, especially if they are only boyfriends, not fathers or husbands.

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  5. Dear Seraphic. The point I was trying to make was that not all men prefer women with make up. Maybe a better way of putting it would have been "he doesn't mind me wearing make up, but I know he finds me more beautiful without it and it makes me happy and confident". I find this a beautiful quallity. /Emelie


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