Friday, 24 April 2015

Polish Soap Opera About London

This is (or was) actually a thing.

 From clicking around, I see that Ewa's life is really quite a mess.

And so far the clips I have seen have been killingly embarrassing, e.g. "Polish girls are so sexy. Why are you here?" "Our girls are here."

Update: Ooh. It tanked. That's sad. It could have been great. If I am ever fluent in Polish, I should propose one for Edinburgh. It would be a scream:


Ewa: Chang Bao: why do you not pay rent this month?

Chang Bao: I not pay? I pay. Yes I pay.

Ewa: No. Bank transfer not working. And you, Jacek! (po polsku) The landlord says you must stop smoking indoors or he will throw us all out.

Jacek (po polsku):  He can stuff it in his ear.

Ewa: (po polsku) This is not a positive attitude.

Chang Bao: I not understand but I not like stinky cigarette.

Maria: I have found the Chang Bao's cheque under the Jacek's sweater.

Torquil : None of you people has the least idea how to use the definite article.

Jacek: Six students in three bedroom flat is too many, and you are last to arrive so you must be first to go.

Ewa: Nie! We need all rent monies!

Torquil: Oh, I say, Jacek. Be reasonable, there's a good chap.


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